Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the lab?

We are located on the UC Santa Cruz campus, in Social Sciences II, Room 105. You will receive more detailed instructions before your appointment at ESIL. Click here for directions via Google Maps.

Where can I park?

We provide free parking right outside the entrance to our building.

What will my child and I do during a study?

Each study involves different activities. In a typical visit to the lab, we would first spend some time playing with your child so your child gets to know the researchers. The study itself could involve playing with one or two research assistants or watching the research assistants or puppets interact. We may also ask you to participate in some of the study activities, for instance by encouraging your child to play with a particular toy.

In home visits, you and your family would typically be asked to do what you would normally do while the researcher observes or videotapes your everyday activities. The purpose of the home visit studies is to learn more about what children's everyday experiences are like.

What if there is a study or activity I don't want to participate in?

All participation in research is completely voluntary. You can always say that you don't want to participate in a particular study or activity, and that is totally fine! And, if at some point, you decide that you no longer have the time to participate in studies, we will of course respect that and not contact you about future studies.