About Us

Audun Dahl, Principal Investigator

Audun Dahl is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He received his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from UC Berkeley. His research investigates how young children acquire social skills, concerns, and understanding through everyday social interactions.

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Talia Waltzer, Graduate Student

Hi, my name's Talia. I graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Psychology and in Cognitive Science. In Fall 2015, I joined the Early Social Interaction Lab as a ph.D. student. As a researcher, I'm interested in how different people think, reason, and form beliefs - especially moral ones. As a not-just-a-researcher, I'm interested in running around outside (mountaineering, kayaking, and backpacking) and running around other places (learning languages and eating food). Here is a link to my website.

Charles Baxley, Graduate Student

Charles Baxley joined the Early Social Interaction Lab as a doctoral student in Fall 2018. By paying close attention to the everyday experiences of children and adults, Charles is interested in utilizing mixed methods to further understand how people interact with situations involving morality, and how this interaction develops over the lifespan. Outside of research, Charles enjoys the thrill of competing in and watching basketball, as well as spending quality time with his wife, close friends, and family.


Mary Taylor Goeltz, Lab Manager

Mary Taylor Goeltz is the lab manager for Dr. Audun Dahl at ESIL. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Dickinson College in 2018. She is interested in the development of morality throughout early childhood and adolescence, and plans to attend graduate school after her time here at the lab. In her time outside of the lab, M.T. works with kids as an after-school program teacher, hones her baking skills, and watches the sea lions and otters on the pier.